Better Bevel frameless mirrors over a fireplace

5 factors to consider before buying your mirror


1. size of your space

Measure twice; buy once. Before you start searching for your new mirror, you should always measure your space. Doing so ensures your mirror will fit perfectly and naturally helps you envision the style of mirror you’d like. It also doesn't hurt to measure again before clicking “buy”.

2. current layout

Look at your permanent and semi-permanent objects. Sconces, vanities, shelving units, doors, backsplashes, and more all have an impact on the size and features you’ll want in a mirror. Make sure to consider what will stay and what could possibly be changed or moved in the room.

3. style of the room

Pick a few words to describe the room’s design, then use those to guide your choices. For example, our polished edge rectangle and rubber framed round mirrors work great in modern settings, while our scalloped oval and chiseled edge round mirrors shine in sophisticated spaces. Also consider the lines of the room. If you have a shiplap wall and lots of straight and boxy furniture, a round or oval mirror could be the perfect way to add visual intrigue.

4. usage of the room

At its core, a mirror must be functional. Therefore, consider the users, traffic, and humidity of the space. Taller or shorter people have different mirror size and location needs. Busy entryways or mudrooms might be best served by our durable rubber framed round mirrors. And long, hot showers in bathrooms with little or no venting are no problem at all for our copper-free mirrors.

5. personal taste

You are an individual, and that needs to be recognized. If eco-friendliness matters to you, consider our copper-free mirrors. If you want something that’s really flush to the wall, our ultra-flush hanging system of z-bar brackets can’t be beat. Think about your must-haves and how to make your new mirror a reflection of you.