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Who we are.

We didn’t just decide to start selling mirrors. We’ve been working with them for a long, long time. As a family-owned company, Better Bevel grew out of three generations of mirror manufacturing, and then as younger generations tend to do, we added our own twist. Now, the same great design, materials, and workmanship that customers used to buy at showrooms are available to anyone online, and we’re shipping thousands of mirrors from our Grand Rapids, Michigan workshop to all kinds of people who love affordable quality and good design.

What we craft.

We put a human touch on the whole experience of buying a mirror. First, we’re passionate about the workmanship, relying on expert glass fabricators and finishers with a gentle touch. We also work hard to create satisfaction, from affordable prices to quick delivery and environmentally friendly packaging that protects your mirror in shipping. Finally, we put in the extra effort to make the last step—installation—easy, equipping you with a simple DIY system plus a video and step-by-step instructions. Yes, we make mirrors, and we’re very proud of that. But what we want most is to make you happy.


What we believe.

Any opportunity to make everyday moments brighter is worth pursuing. A well-made product can do that, elevating ordinary spaces and the way you feel in them. And a mirror, which is made to reflect light and little moments of your life, is especially well designed to do that. But mirrors are just one way that we can help make the world brighter. We’re also proud to support foster care families, donate products to Habitat for Humanity, use recyclable packaging for shipping, and design products that don’t wear out and end up landfills, but last for years.

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How we do it.

In the traditional model of selling home décor, there are quite a few steps between the manufacturer (us) and the consumer (you). And each one adds a little more to the cost without adding anything more for your money. At Better Bevel, we take a different route. Instead of routing our products through a dealer and a retailer who mark them up at each step, we deliver products directly from where they’re assembled to your home. It’s a short—and much less expensive–line from here to there, and we’re happy to pass the savings on to you.

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