Our Mission

mirrors made easy®

Better Bevel is here to make buying a mirror easy. We design and manufacture well-crafted, sensibly priced, simple-to-install mirrors, and we deliver them with care directly to your door.

we go way back

We come from three generations of furniture manufacturers and mirror industry pioneers. Our founder, Mike Fennema, grew up in his parents’ business, which manufactured and supplied high-end mirrors to designer showrooms across the United States.

The same quality standards and trade secrets that led to success in these showrooms for over 50 years are used in the Better Bevel workshop today.

direct from the workshop

Mike took the knowledge and experience he gained from the family business and combined it with his belief that quality design can also be reasonably priced. The result? Better Bevel’s direct-to-consumer approach.

If you choose to order a Better Bevel, you’ll purchase it directly from our workshop. Doing so bypasses the traditional retail markup while also reducing the total shipping cost. That’s how we offer exceptionally crafted mirrors with price tags that make you smile.

we keep it local

For over 50 years, we’ve been proud to call Grand Rapids, Michigan – a city with deep roots in fine furniture and design – our home. Every mirror is designed, assembled, and inspected right here in-house. This keeps quality control in-check and is why we’ve earned the trust of thousands of customers like you.

We’re also passionate about giving back to our community. By donating hundreds of mirrors every month, your support allows us to positively impact countless homes and families in the greater Grand Rapids area. Thank you!

quick, stress-free delivery

Excited about your new mirror? We are too! While other companies source products from overseas that require 4-8 week transits, our items are warehoused at the workshop. Our team is ready to ship your mirror within 24 hours, and nearly all orders will arrive in well under a week.

Plus, we offer worry-free shipping backed by decades of experience. Thoughtfully designed packaging holds your mirror securely in place, ensuring a safe delivery to your door. Your 10-minute installation awaits!